Sexual Wholeness

Sex is from God. It is one of his most delicious gifts to us. (This, by the way, ought to settle once and for all questions about whether or not he is good and wants us to be happy.) Sex is good. Your sexuality as a man is a great gift.

Now—we understand it doesn’t always feel that way. Our sexual desires can get us into a lot of trouble. Men have ruined kingdoms over this. But that doesn’t make sex bad. It only shows you how vital sexual wholeness is and how deep this runs in our being. Your sexuality is core to your nature as a man.

That’s why sexual brokenness is one of the deepest types of brokenness a person can experience. And we live in a sexually broken world. Addiction, compulsion, lust, abuse, gender confusion—most men struggle with sexual issues of some sort. That probably wasn’t news to you.

Now for the good news: God is committed to healing your sexuality. Sexual wholeness and trueness are available. Really! Jesus said he came to seek and save “what was lost” (Luke 19:10), including all that was lost in the blessings he intended through our sexuality.

It all depends on how you handle it. You simply cannot discipline yourself out of brokenness and bondage. There is another path, one that leads to freedom and life and sexual joy as God intended. We invite you to journey there with us.