Thank you for considering a financial gift to Ransomed Heart!

Ransomed Heart is on a mission to change the world.

We love to heal the brokenhearted and set the captives free. We love to see men and women restored as men and women. We love to see people coming to know Jesus as he really is – and all the freedom, beauty and life that knowing him brings. What could be more powerful or important?

Ransomed Heart is a nonprofit ministry

Part of our income comes through the generosity of our supporters. Now – we never wanted to become a bloated bureaucracy requiring ever more frantic efforts to raise revenue

We chose to remain small while having a large and global impact

Being small allows us to remain focused on the mission. We are a tiny outfit having a massive impact in the world.

Each year we generate about half of our income

Most is generated through the events we hold and the resources we sell. The other half comes through financial gifts from folks just like you – gifts that the IRS recognizes as tax deductible for you.


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